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Books - General Nonfiction

Haiku - The Sacred Art: A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines--from SkyLight Paths Publishing (2010)

A guide to writing haiku as a spiritual practice.

Haiku - The Sacred Art introduces haiku as a simple and effective way of tapping into the sacred moments that permeate everyday living. Lifely examples and simple guided exercises--such as haiku as prayer, haiku inspired by sacred texts, and haiku that reflect religious seasons or holidays--offer a unique spiritual practice for a variety of spiritual seekers.

Sacred Attention: A Spiritual Practice For Finding God in the Moment -- from SkyLight Paths Publishing (2007)

In Sacred Attention, discover ways to develop a practice of attention as a means of talking—and listening—to God. Framed on the Christian liturgical year and paired with images of the seasons of the earth, each chapter includes an insightful narrative which illustrates the surprising richness to be found in every moment. 

Stumbling Toward God: A Prodigal’s Return

Stumbling Toward God traces a woman’s spiritual search with an unusual twist – from an “atheist who prays” to unorthodox membership in two radically different churches: Unitarian and Episcopal. An honest, satisfying read for anyone questioning or seeking a spiritual path. First Place for Nonfiction Book in the PNWA Literary Competition.

Books - Technical & Academic

Microsoft Access Step-by-Step, Microsoft Press (1993), co-author with Judy Boyce

Widely translated first edition of the best-selling tutorial for Microsoft Access, relational database software for Windows.

Shorter works

A selection of articles, poetry, and other short works

"Carrying the Contradictions," A Review of A Pilgrimage to Eternity by Timothy Egan, The Englewood Review of Books, (February, 2020).


"March gusts," A Hole in the Light: The Red Moon Anthology of English Language Haiku 2018, Red Moon Press.


"Modular Energy Storage Architecture Standards for Utility-Grade Energy Storage," ei: The Magazine of the Electroindustry, (October 2015, Vol. 20, #19)


"thickening sky," Frogpond: The Journal of the Haiku Society of America, 36:2 (Spring/Summer 2013)


"can't be helped the winter moon," Modern Haiku, 42:2 (Summer 2011)


"sudden sun" and "winter's eve," Wisteria: A Journal of Haiku, Senryu, and Tanka 14 (July 2009)


"slow, slow dusk," The Heron's Nest, (June '09)


"Doing Jesus," A Review of Jesus Freak by Sara Miles, The Englewood Review of Books, (May 2010, Vol. 3, #19).

"The strengths and charms of real 'church ladies'" (With apologies to Dana Carvey), Episcopal Life (May 2007).

"When Fear Sets In," The Living Church, (11 Mar, '07).

"Hearty Fish Soup," Humility issue of Alive Now, (Mar-Apr '07), published by The Upper Room.

"Real Hands, Real Water," Technology issue of Alive Now, (Jan-Feb '07), published by The Upper Room.

"My Father Was Zorro," Mercer Island Reporter, (14 June '06), reprinted in Northwind Anthology 2007.

"The Only Gift," The Living Church, (8 Jan. '06).

"From PT to Manhattan: 'Class of…' performed in NYC," Port Townsend/Jefferson County Leader (7 Nov 2001).

"Class of..." A drama for one female player, taking about 20 minutes. Produced in 2001 at the Port Townsend Playwright's Festival and at Love Creek Productions' Short Play Festival in New York City.


"Church Bell Rings with Holy Spirit,” Episcopal Voice, Seattle, WA (May 2000).