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Class of...

A drama for one female player, taking about 20 minutes.

(Lights come up on a woman. Near her are two large pictures, turned so the audience can’t see what’s on them. She begins to speak.)

I grew up in Herbert, Ohio, and graduated from the high school class of 1969.

’69. A class whose year had meaning.

When I started at Herbert High, I didn’t know the significance of 69. The first day, I didn’t even know my class year had special meaning, but it wasn’t long before I sensed something peculiar in the atmosphere around it. A knowing look. A snigger. Always attached to ’69 – my class. What did it mean? I didn’t know...

Winner of the 2001 Port Townsend Playwriting Competition, performed at the Port Townsend Playwright’s Festival and at Love Creek Productions’ Short Play Festival in New York City.